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[22 May 2011|09:55am]
no rapture, still loving.
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[04 Feb 2010|03:08pm]
so i am thinking of going to Denver in May. thoughts? comments?
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[29 Dec 2009|11:38am]
[ mood | flirty ]

had a good xmas.

coach bag
itunes cards
metal water bottle
borders gift card
art deco book
tickets to Cirque De Sole
frying pan

kick ass

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[11 Nov 2009|11:22am]
i love fall.

that is all.
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[01 Oct 2009|12:09pm]
images of times past are in my head right now, the way the air makes me feel when i take a deep breath, the smell of my home when i first walk in from the rain, the smell of skin on skin.

i need a drink and some dinner in my belly.

i also need to get ride of somethings.
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[22 Jun 2009|01:09pm]
everything is going well. summer vacation is in efect. i am in cincy for the next 5 days for responsive classroom training.
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[30 May 2009|10:44am]
[ mood | blah ]

10 more days of school for the year, i cant beleve it! it is like the weeks just go by so fast, and the weekends even faster!

going to Philly in July to see Justin and Sean. i can not wait to go.

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[29 Mar 2009|03:19pm]
i am going to walk 60 miles for ta-tas!

Help me reach my goal for the Michigan Breast Cancer 3-Day!

please help me out, any donations would be amazing!
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[15 Mar 2009|09:26pm]
4 sleeps till Vegas.

15 hours of tattooing done, and about 9 more to go till my leg is all done. looks sexy.

i need to get a new CF card, like a 4 gig would be nice.

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[07 Feb 2009|03:21pm]
Its been a wile huh? well lets see what is new.

Got a new LG 32 in, 720P HDTV. Don't have HDTV yet, but i don't think we will be getting it, its not that big of a deal but Keith got us a good deal on it. We just had to get ride of the TV i have had for about 12 years it had the VCR built right in to the TV.

Sean is coming into town for the tattoo convention and crashing at my house. i cant wait to see him! i miss him a lot. all of the boys will be in town im very excited to see Jeff and MIke.

March 19-23 i will be in Vegas with Katie and maybe my friend Eric will meet up with us. we are going for the High rollers scooter rally and can not wait!!!! im so looking forward to drinking and having a blast.

Aaron Ruby has done about 9 hours of work on my leg so far. it looks amazing, right now it is all flaky and nasty, but when it is done it will rock better then your tattoo.

April 10-15 going to VA beach for a break down and to have fun, never been before.

thats about all right now.
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[01 Jan 2009|10:41pm]
[ mood | tired ]

The 4th reich will be funky.

Homemade corn dogs and champing do not go together well.
Being completely sober and puking at 6 am.
getting my old snowboarding goggles back after 9 years.

that sums up my new year eve.

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[10 Dec 2008|06:58am]
its been a long time since i have posted on LJ. it does not mean that i don't love you.
lets see what's going on, Work is amazing, i love the kids and the people i work with. we are 2 weeks into the second trimester and things are going well, the only thing i have a problem with is kindergarden. They are hard to handle! but they are so cute! i have the best room in the hole school also and the best storage room ever!

the middle school, well, not so good, i am teaching in the cafeteria for the next 12 weeks, did i mention that there is no sink, no "walls" and about 50 lockers??? yeah, its not the best, but what am i going to do ? quit? i think not. we are doing a lot of 3D work this time around and will be keeping sketchbooks.

now on to the bad part of what my life has been dealing with, my grandmother was put into a mental hospital for overdosing on oxycotton and valium! she has been addicted to them for about 8 years and for some reason she was like " they don't work, i need to take more" and she did and was all messed up, she is sober now, i guess, i don't know what is going on, she wont talk to me. but thats not a bad thing right now. im very mad at her. she is mad that Ray and i are living together before we are married, but its ok for her to date a married man and take all kinds of drugs that 19 year old raver kids take? whatever.

friday we are having a party. if you want to go let me know.
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Head board i made [16 Nov 2008|06:01pm]

Head board i made
Originally uploaded by teamlove

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[01 Sep 2008|02:44pm]
Brian lent me the first and only 3 seasons of Arrested Development.

im set for a while.

he also got me drunk, it was a good night.
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[20 Aug 2008|05:35pm]
its been avery long time since i have updated. sorry.
first off, i finished the summer camp thing, it was okay, i don't think i will do it again next summer, just to far to drive.
on the first Ray and I moved to Plymouth. i like it, we are still living out of some boxes and i am still trying to find things around my new hood, like food stores and farmers markets.

i also started my contract with UPA, my room is almost done, i still need my new stools and some supplies that have not come in yet, but ill post photos when i get it all done and there are some student in there.

my friend Nancy got a job at my school teaching sewing! im so excited to have her there she is so amazing and fun and talented.
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[29 Jul 2008|03:24pm]
this weekend Aug 1-3

The Rovers Scooter Club presents Motor city Shake Down 4.


you could win a Lambretta Riverside for $1.
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[22 Jun 2008|10:10pm]
[ mood | blah ]

last night was birthday awsomeness. Candace, Katey my dad and I went to dinner in Royal Oak then went to the Stop Spot for some karaoke.

candace and Steph


it was supper fun and i drank to much.

camp start tomorrow, im excited.

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[13 Jun 2008|12:06pm]
i start being the ceramics teacher at Roeper Summer camp on monday the 23rd, its mon-fri from 8-4. i am doing this until aug 1st.
aug 4th i start new employe training at UPA.
Aug 1st Ray and I are moving to Plymouth.

my UPA sedual is relly good,
8:30-10:30 - UPA middel school
10:30-12:15 - lunch, planing, travel
12:15-3:15 - UPA elementary school

a week from today i have to go clean out my new art room and take an inventory of everything that is there and clean and do ordering for next year. if you are free next friday and want to help me, that can be my birthday gift.

im 28 next Wednesday.
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[12 Jun 2008|04:19pm]
I was afraid to be alone
but now i'm scared that's how i like to be
all these faces, none the same
how can there be so many personalities
so many lifeless, empty hands
so many hearts in great demand
and now my sorrow seems so far away
until i'm taken by these bolts of pain
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weeeeeeeee [04 Jun 2008|02:43pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

i got a job!!!!!
i am the new art teacher at University Prep Academy Elementary School in Detroit!

good by subbing, hello my own classroom!!!!!!!!!

I have to go in tomorrow and see my contract and work out all that stuff, but i am so flipping excited!!!!!!!

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