Danielle (regulate) wrote,

4 sleeps till Vegas.

15 hours of tattooing done, and about 9 more to go till my leg is all done. looks sexy.

i need to get a new CF card, like a 4 gig would be nice.

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I have a 4gb card i can't use. Turns out my cam doesn't work with 4gb cards even though the company said it does. I was gonna trade my boss for 2- 2gb cards but he hasn't come through yet. Maybe I can get it to you before you leave?
that would be amazing! how much do you want for it? are you working down town still?
Yeah i work down there on Thursday and Friday. I teach on the east side on Wednesday.

Um I have no idea how much I want for it. What can you afford? I really don't care much...its not helping me any by keeping it and I bought it on sale when comp usa went out of business anyway.
hmm, i don't know if it will work out. I leave thursday morning at 8am, Wednesday i have a staff meeting until 5 or 530 then i need to come home and pack. what time and where do you work on Wednesday?
First day teaching at Polaski on Wednesday 3-6. its on 8 and hoover i think.
online they're listed for $26.99 used. Mines not used at all. Actually its only even been in my cam once b/c its new. I sent back the original thinking it was a fucked up card then when this one didn't work I figured out it wasn't compatible with my cam. Its a sandisk cf card. I dunno how's $15-$20 sound?