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im a rocker, i rock out.


18 June 1980
100 demons, 25 ta life, agnostic front, alice cooper, all out war, american nightmare, arkangel, art, as i lay dying, atom and his package, avail, bad religion, bane, barbara kruger, beer, being a girl, bill and ted, biohazard, black flag, bleeding through, blood for blood, bong!, botch, boy sets fire, boys, brass knuckles, buried alive, bury your dead, caliban, canada, candiria, canon, carcass, cats, champion, chinese food, cky, cold as life, converge, cuddles, curl up and die, danzig, darkest hour, dead boys, dead to fall, death threat, detroit bitches, dimmu borgir, downset, drawing, e-town concrete, earthmover, eighteen visions, elvis, every time i die, everytime i die, family guy, fish, floorpunch, food, friends, friends for life, give up the ghost, glassjaw, god forbid, good clean fun, grind, guns, guns and roses, gxlxhxc, h2o, hank williams, hardcore, hardcore dancing, hatebreed, hay baby!, hope conspiracy, hopesfall, hyde, integrity, iron maiden, jawbreaker, killswitch engage, lamb of god, madball, makeing it, martyr ad, megadeth, mental, morning again, mosh, moshcore, moshing, most precious blood, movies, murphys law, my girls, no warning, nora, oi, over my dead body, photography, piercings, pin-ups, poison the well, pools, posi-core, prayer for cleansing, radiohead, reach the sky, red, ringworm, rise against, rock and roll, screeching weasel, sepultura, sha-sha, shadows fall, shai hulud, shoping, shows, sick of it all, slapshot, slayer, spinal tap, tattoo culture, tattoos, terror, the alliance, the big lebowski, the dead kennedys, the dead milkmen, the haunted, the hope conspiracy, the misfits, the specials, throwdown, trips, undying, unearth, vegas, vespas, walls of jericho, warzone, weezer, wispers