Danielle (regulate) wrote,

its been a long time since i have posted on LJ. it does not mean that i don't love you.
lets see what's going on, Work is amazing, i love the kids and the people i work with. we are 2 weeks into the second trimester and things are going well, the only thing i have a problem with is kindergarden. They are hard to handle! but they are so cute! i have the best room in the hole school also and the best storage room ever!

the middle school, well, not so good, i am teaching in the cafeteria for the next 12 weeks, did i mention that there is no sink, no "walls" and about 50 lockers??? yeah, its not the best, but what am i going to do ? quit? i think not. we are doing a lot of 3D work this time around and will be keeping sketchbooks.

now on to the bad part of what my life has been dealing with, my grandmother was put into a mental hospital for overdosing on oxycotton and valium! she has been addicted to them for about 8 years and for some reason she was like " they don't work, i need to take more" and she did and was all messed up, she is sober now, i guess, i don't know what is going on, she wont talk to me. but thats not a bad thing right now. im very mad at her. she is mad that Ray and i are living together before we are married, but its ok for her to date a married man and take all kinds of drugs that 19 year old raver kids take? whatever.

friday we are having a party. if you want to go let me know.
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